Pick Up, Paint Up, Clean Up


Clean Streets Clean Starts is a multi-week cycle of cleanups with homeless participants, including mentoring through local homeless agencies and our own homeless navigator, plus access to potential job development and housing. The first phase of this is described in our Clean Streets, Clean Starts pdf which is featured on this website.

The homeless crisis has reached Malthusian proportions, as detailed in our document, as well as in the LA Times and other local news outlets. Our program is unique in that it seeks to empower the homeless through a process of work and mentoring to increase their sense of self-worth while working with them on a granular level to address their challenges. This one-on-one relationship is bolstered by effective access to job and housing resources.

We recruit homeless volunteers to partner with the local beautification entity thereby creating opportunities for collaboration with members of the City and County workforce. We mentor the participants by assisting in navigating available resources for shelter and personal/professional development, supporting sobriety and fostering group support.  CSCS provides Homeless Services in Los Angeles using our Community Cleanups and Mentoring in Los Angeles program.

The program has received funding from the City of LA, as well as through crowdfunding, individual fundraising events, and through the donations of local developers and property owners.  Each cycle costs roughly $3,000 - $4,000 for materials, compensation in the form of gift cards (not good for alcohol and other proscribed items).  We are seeking to repeat this cycle every six weeks with a two-week break in-between.

Clean Streets Clean Starts currently exists under the umbrella 501 (c) 3 of the Northridge Beautification Foundation. Your donations of time and money are essential to the success of this great program. There is a Donation button on the Sign Up page.



Board of Supervisors Award Video 6/19/2018